Voting Matters

Today is National Voter Registration day in the United States!

Photo: "I Voted" Stickers
Photo: “I Voted” Stickers
Photo by Element5 Digital

Because of that, I wanted to share links to some voting resources you can use to make sure you’re involved in this upcoming election. If you think Black lives matter, that healthcare is a human right, that women should be in control of their own bodies, that we need competent leadership to survive and end a global pandemic, that immigrants deserve dignity and rights, or if you care about practically any issue at all, you have the opportunity to voice your opinion and advocate for others by voting!

If you are not registered to vote, visit to find instructions on how to register to vote in your state. Do it today! Here are the voter registration deadlines in each state:

Have you registered to vote before? Check to make sure you’re still registered and that your address information is correct.

Once you’re registered, remember to make a plan for how you plan to vote in the November 3rd election. Vote early if you can (here’s a link to early voting dates in each state), and if you have health and safety concerns about voting in-person, click here for instructions on how to vote by mail in your state.

Finally, if you have the time or the resources, find a way to get involved in the election. There are tons of opportunities that are available whether you want to volunteer in-person or virtually. I personally am volunteering with Vote Forward to send handwritten letters to get unlikely-to-vote and under-represented citizens to the polls on election day. My sister introduced me to the opportunity, and it’s super easy and quick to sign up and write letters! It’s also a great way to support the USPS, because you’ll need a stamp for each letter, and they’ll be delivered by the postal service.

Photo: Mailboxes
Photo: Mailboxes
Photo by Mathyas Kurmann

Whatever you do, please vote in the November 3rd election, and make sure your family and friends are registered and voting, too!

If you have a question about how voting works or about the issues at stake in this election, please leave a comment below, and I will do my best to help you find an answer.


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