Writing isn’t easy

Just an honest observation for your Monday night: Writing isn’t easy. It’s difficult. Like very difficult. Sometimes I have to remind myself of that, because I get to thinking that it’s supposed to be easy.

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See, even when you have a good story in mind, and you have good characters, and you think you know what the major plot of the story is, it’s still hard to actually write. It takes time to get the words onto the page. It takes effort to brainstorm and plot out exactly when those certain words should appear in those chapters. It’s not easy to write dialogue that sounds like actual speech.

Lately I’ve been frustrated with the time it’s been taking to get my story right. I want it to be on the pages now, but that’s not possible because it takes time to complete.

Writing is so much fun, and I love it a lot. But it’s also difficult. I just needed to remember and embrace that.


4 thoughts on “Writing isn’t easy

  1. Just this afternoon I was thinking about how very difficult it is to write a book. Maybe a bad book would be easy, but a good one? So, so hard. So much time goes into getting it right. I’m logging so many hours just plotting and revising, let alone writing words. Somewhere a while back I read an article on how, if novelists tally the actual number of hours they put into writing and editing their books, their hourly wage is some ridiculously low number. Anyway, we do it for love, right? Right?

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    1. Right! We do it for love.
      Have to remind myself of that sometimes, because I know what you mean – it takes some time to actually plot, write, and revise a good book! It’s worth it, though. (:

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