Do you prefer to edit on your computer or on paper?

Question for today: Do you prefer to edit on your computer or on paper?

I’ve always been one to edit (and write) on my computer. In an effort to save paper and time (I can type faster than I write by hand), I’ve always gone to my computer. But recently, I was working with this one chapter that kept bothering me, and I decided to change things up and edit it on paper rather than continue to use my computer. It made such a difference!

I don’t know if it was just being able to see the pages in a different format, or if it was being able to physically cross things out and rewrite with my pen, but it really helped my editing.

I used to think that using my computer was the best way to go, but now my eyes have been open to the wonderful world of Pen & Paper!



I will probably continue to edit mostly on my computer (it’d be a lot of paper if I tried to print every single page to edit!), but I do think I’ll start printing out those problem chapters/scenes to see if it helps me edit more effectively.

What about you? Do you edit solely on your computer or on paper? Or maybe you use a combination of both? Let me know in the comments…




8 thoughts on “Do you prefer to edit on your computer or on paper?

  1. It depends. Whenever I have to write a long paper or essay, I tend to lean towards typing on a computer; it helps me organize my thoughts more easily because I’m able to rearrange my thoughts if they don’t make sense. But, when I’m writing a poem, journal, letter (or anything that requires more self expression and creative thought) I like to write with pen and paper. It just makes me feel more…profound!

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    1. I totally get what you mean about how writing with a pen and paper helps you feel more profound. I will probably always do schoolwork on my computer, but I’m definitely starting to appreciate what handwriting can do for creative writing!


  2. Printing out problem chapters for hand-editing is a good idea! I’m still trying to get a handle on what editing process works best for me. Editing on the computer is so much easier and faster that I tend toward that these days. I tried printing out an entire, messy, pantsed novel and did manage to go through and make all the editing changes by hand but I was so burnt out by the end, and it didn’t turn out to be a cohesive story anyway. Any “fresh” way to look at your story and find mistakes is good, I think. Hearing it read aloud, temporarily setting the text in a different font, different colored background, and at last, probably the best way, a hard copy printout.


    1. Yep – I usually lean toward the computer, too, but printing out a few chapters was so helpful! Like you said, though, any way to get a new look at your story can help you get past those roadblocks and find mistakes you may have missed. It’s definitely a process of figuring out what works best for us individually!


  3. It depends on what kind of mood I’m in when I start editing. I always hand write the whole first draft of whatever story I’m trying to write. Sometimes I’ll hand write the edits even though I have it all typed up. I rarely edit on the computer because I get a headache if I stare at the screen and the words for too long.

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    1. I know what you mean about getting headaches from staring at the screen! I’m going to have to start handwriting more – I’ve heard a few people say that hand writing their first draft really helps.

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