Stuck in the middle

Beginning. Check.

Ending. I’m really happy with it.

Middle….Still needs some work…

As a commitment to myself, I’ve decided to finish the manuscript I’m working on by the end of November. I’ve been going back through my entire novel, revising everything. Every page has been touched at some point. The beginning is good. The ending is really good, and I’m really excited about it. But the middle is not done. It’s good, but it’s missing something to tie the beginning to the end (as the middle of anything usually does).

I think the middle is important to get right, because you can’t just skip straight from the first chapters to the climax. There have to be events that lead up to that turning point that show why those intense moments are such a big deal. Your characters need to grow. And for me, I get so excited about making those intense chapters great, that I forget to focus on developing the other scenes that are just as important. But I’m spending time on it now, figuring out how to make the middle just as good as the beginning and the end.

And I have exactly a week to figure it out before my personal deadline. So back to writing…


(only mildly stressed about it)


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