What I’m doing for #NaNoWriMo

First of all, how is it already November? This is quite insane. And as we all know, November brings even more insanity, because it is National Novel Writing Month. So here’s what I’m thinking…

Am I attempting to write an entire novel during the month of November?


Am I still participating in #NaNoWriMo in the sense that I plan to write something every day?


My goal for this month is to finish the manuscript I’m currently working on. It’s around 64,000 words right now (fun fact), and lately I’ve been going back through every page of it on an intense, but very necessary, editing craze. I don’t have a specific word count goal to reach or anything, I just want the story to be complete. And I ~need~ (underline, italicize, bold, highlight) to finish the novel this month. It’s time.

This goal to finish my first manuscript shouldn’t take the whole month. In fact, I really don’t want it to take the entire month, because I have other things to write. After I finish this manuscript, I want to work on this other novel I started about a month ago. I haven’t written too much for it yet – because I made myself commit to finishing this current manuscript first – but I’m really excited about this next one, and I want to get started on it.

So, my goal is not to get 50,000 words written this month, but it’s to write as much as I can and get a lot done. And I mean a lot.

Let’s get going.

Ready to type

Are you participating in #NaNoWriMo? Or are you using this month to inspire you to write more? Let me know, I’m curious!


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